Dependable Reduces Cost of Customer Engagement, Expands Tech Offerings

The latest innovations in communications technology have made connectivity affordable and collaboration essential to organizations aspiring to meet the demands of customer engagement, workflow and mobility. Dependable Technology has been leading the way to raise the productivity of the Dallas-Fort Worth business community through its innovative program of upgrading the power and features for today’s demanding communications, while lowering costs.

Today’s competitive environment requires every business leader to raise their game. The integration of compliance and security, and most importantly, the need for on-demand customer responsiveness and engagement in an era of social networking has been an important reason for retooling outmoded communication systems.

Dependable Technology offers state-of-the-art solutions that are changing the way we communicate. Industries from Hospitality to Healthcare, as well as professional organizations and industrial services, are discovering our powerful and affordable solutions, including:

Mitel 6800i SIP Phone series

With the recent release of the Mitel 6869i SIP Phone, the entire Mitel 6800i SIP Phone series is now available to Mitel partners. Featuring entry-level, mid-range and high-end offerings, this family offers powerful SIP phones for a range of usage needs – from light telephone requirements to the heavy demands of the power user.

The Mitel 6800i SIP Phones are sleek and modern in design, with HD wideband audio, advanced XML capabilities, interoperability with a variety of third-party platforms, and a compact desktop footprint. A variety of accessories, including detachable keyboards and expansion modules, can further enhance the 6800i series’ robust functionality.

Mitel Teleworker Solution with MiCollab, MiVoice and Conferencing

MiCollab features collaboration, mobility, and messaging in a single solution. It combines seamlessly with MiCollab Audio, Web and Video Conferencing, and Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway making it easy for employees, customers, partners and suppliers to share information.

Mitel MiVoice 5300 Series


Meet The Dependables: Randy and Shannan Rochon

Randy and Shannan Rochon

“In the 1967 Paul Newman movie Cool Hand Luke, the prison warden famously said, What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.‘ But today, no one in business can afford to tolerate the failure to communicate. Dependable Technology is the expert you need to insure that your business has the on-demand, multilevel communications it needs to survive and thrive in the fast-moving competitive world we live in.”

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