Dependable Knows Meetings

Dependable customizes and installs superior conference rooms featuring the latest integrated communications and productivity tools, including touch screens, remotes, cameras, sensors, dimmers, and system controllers for lights, video, sound, temperature, and security. Rely on Dependable for integrated custom conference solutions ideally suited for hospitality and commercial environments.

Meetings facility managers have enough to worry about without letting the technology of business operations fall short of audience expectations. Dependable can give you the competitive advantage you seek by improving operational capabilities and efficiencies.

Arm your boardroom, conference room or training classes with intelligent meeting technology to provide effortless, optimum and integrated experiences. From automated AV equipment to meeting schedule alerts and content delivery, Dependable can tailor the solutions that fit best with your communication needs.

Event producers can get their message across in a number of different ways, while participants connect their devices with conference activities. Create a welcoming and interactive environment by automating lighting, music, and temperature. Use perfectly-timed videos to greet them with a perfect welcome. Security, lights, and temperature, music and TVs automatically turn on with only one button. You can keep an eye—from anywhere—on which equipment is on or off and whether or not unusual activity is detected. You’ll always manage to be in the know.

Want to extend your conference beyond your walls? Our wide-spectrum technology will connect your team with participants and presenters across the world.