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Manufacturers, retailers, farms and a host of other industrial and service businesses are discovering the world of SIP

SIP, a.k.a. Session Initiation Protocol, is an Internet function that initiates and ends communications sessions. Because the Internet has the capacity to move voice and data simultaneously, SIP eliminates wasted costs and slow productivity associated with separate voice and data systems.

SIP extends the volume capacity, user flexibility and reach of your business phones. Our cloud-based SIP technology makes sure your callers never get a busy signal. Remote workers can take office calls no matter where they are, because we can leverage your Internet connection to move voice and data simultaneously.

Say goodbye to wasted costs, slow productivity and vulnerabilities associated with separate voice and data systems. And you’ll never have to worry about being out of business in the event of a disaster, because calls are automatically rerouted to cell phones or alternative landline locations.

  • SIP Trunking provides an IP end-to-end connection for outside calls.
  • SIP Trunking unifies voice and data into one network.
  • Connect your team with free SIP-to-SIP inside calls.
  • SIP ends busy signals by removing the risk of not having enough call paths to accommodate inbound call activity.
  • SIP phones connect you anywhere, use bandwidth efficiently, and allow for phone number portability.

Mitel SIP phones offer an open-standard enterprise grade IP telephone with exceptional features and flexibility

Supported by a host of Mitel configuration options and product enhancements via software releases, the value offered by the 6730i Series make it is ideally suited for light telephone use for the small and home-based business applications..